Making Master Blush

It started off with Master Pravus teasing me mercilessly before my tubbie. It was fairly innocent. Every now and then, he starts teasing me with his glasses because he knows it makes me weak. The thing is though, he doesn’t usually try to get in my head over it. And I don’t remember what we were watching or when he picked up on my weakness for glasses but.. I mean. Who doesn’t like glasses anyway? Am I on trial? Why wouldn’t I like glasses? ::Kitty gives everyone shifty eyes::

One thing about Master Pravus is that he’s very observant, and he’ll copy me or he’ll start copying anything he thinks he notices that I like. It’s kind of cute. Well, one day, he noticed I was getting a little squirmy watching a certain eyeglasses maneuver during a movie. Then he started doing them casually when he never did them before. Now he does them constantly. ::Kitty sweats::

So tonight he’s doing them, yes. He’s teasing me like the terrible, slutty, eyeglass wearer he is and in the middle of my giggling like a kitten who’s just found its mitten he goes:

“You know, you never actually told me what it is about glasses. Why do you like them so much? Is it because they make me look intellectual..?”

“That’s a myth!” I might have said it a little too fast. I definitely said it a little too fast. Ooh nooo. Maybe he hit a trigger point. I don’t think my Master is stupid. I think he’s incredibly smart. But, I also know that if glasses made you smarter I would have been able to handle high school algebra.

“Well, what is it? You like this thing…” ::He took his glasses off with one hand, then he put them back on. He took them off with two hands, then he put them back on…:: I was blushing and giggling so much.

“Stop, stop. I’m already dripping wet. Look….”

“Fuck. You are.”

“What is it then? What?” ::He pushed his glasses up on the bridge of his nose, slowly:: I tried to scrape myself off the floor.

“Oh my GAWD. Please. MERCY. If you want a blowjob, you know I will just give you one..”

“But I actually want to know. What is it that you like about eyeglasses?”

I took a big inhale and tried to steady myself for him.

“Well. Honestly, it varies. There’s a lot of things. I just think they’re sexy looking. But, to be honest ever since you got your bifocals it drives me wild when you do the ‘bifocal’ face. I just think it’s so adorable when you try to read anything now. You’re so cute, and you have a special little face and… Master?”

He had gone scarlet. This was the complete opposite of what he expected to hear apparently. You gotta be careful with getting into someone’s head to find out why they like something. You might not be prepared for the answer. But I have to be honest with you, dear Reader: he looked even more adorable blushing than he does making his “bifocal face.”

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