2023 Recap and Happy New Year

“Wilbur didn’t want food, he wanted love.”

Happy New Year, nearly. It’s been a super very tough ride for me, but there has been so much to be thankful for. I always like to go through my year and recap it on my blog, here. So. Here’s what happened for me in 2023:


In January, the most thrilling blog post I had made was one in which I had completed something off my Day Zero II project list.

I didn’t make a blog post about it, but January is also the month in which I fell in love with my Dragon. I’ve mentioned my Dragon several times since then on my blog. It’s been a long time since I opened my heart up to love and was able to feel safe practicing polyamory again. But I’m grateful that I let myself feel this. And I’m grateful every day of my life that my Dragon is there. They’re so important to me.


I had a fairly traumatic feeding tube change that I blogged about and it took me a lot longer than usual to recover from it.


I wrote about my experience having a G/J tube for six months. Master Pravus discovered his wholesome side. (Awww.) And I did get to Make Master Blush. Hehehe.


Hmm. Let’s see. My hip did something weird this month and hasn’t ever recovered. It did improve a little though. It’s still a problem. Eek. Master Pravus found a new way to humiliate me. To tears. I had a nice night in Puppy Space. My Aunt died, and I found out the hard way. Master Pravus’ debilitating shoulder injury from falling in the house literally disappeared. April was busy and tough.


Of course my birthday gratitude list. I also talked about how much I’m struggling physically. How I’m not sure at all how to get out of my current physical state. It’s hard. I’m fighting though.


I began to crawl. My Feeding tube displaced.


I managed to get my feeding tube fixed (again). Huzzah!


After receiving a message asking if I was still Doing The Thing, I made this post. Also, Master Pravus gave me a “Little” bath.


Worm bomb! I got submerged in the tubbie for a little while. That’s unheard of for me.


I decided to just push forward. And I also decided to fuck the deadline on my goals list. Meh.


But, shortly before my surgery this happened. Now I can’t have surgery until next year.


Well, I had my port removed and I have a PICC line now. It’s temporary though. I also celebrated Xmas with Master Pravus, which was also my first with Dragon.

Overall, this year has felt sort of like a wild goose chase, with me desperately trying to hunt a goose that won’t sit still. I’ve rescheduled my appointment to discuss TPN several times. So many times. And I’m not even due to see someone I could talk to about it until January. I realized a few weeks ago, that so much of this year was wasted on fear. Just wasted and I want to do so much better than that. I want to stabilize my health this year and get into a better position going forward. I want to come out of my shell and feel better. Chase after the health care I was chasing at the beginning of the year. Get to feeling better.

What I’m hoping for in 2024, is really, really the opposite of this year. I know the beginning of the year isn’t going to be enjoyable for me because I’ll need to recover from this port infection and deal with the PICC line. Then I still need to have more surgery… In March. But knowing that, I want to handle those things and look forward to after them. I want to get better and be better physically. And braver too.

I hope you have an excellent New Year, and that you’re brave enough to push through all the terrible bits to get to the best stuff. It’s all worth it in the end. The hard part is getting there. But I’m gonna. 🙂 Thanks for reading here if you do, and thanks for rooting for me. I’m rooting for you too.



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