“You Angle!”

I hurted my hip. But like, as the post mentions, I have no idea how. I just have no clue what happened to said hip. I mean, one minute everything fine, next minute it wasn’t- and I was sitting at the time. So. Welcome to Kitty’s world of getting injured from literally doing nothing.

The good news is, it does seem to be doing better. I mean, it’s not perfect, like at all. But I’m able to stand and walk around without it being terrible, and I can sit on soft things without it being terrible. And I can sleep through the night which is also good! But. I mean, and here’s the thing, the couch faces sideways, so whenever I sit on it, to lay down I have to sit with my legs out straight and I can’t see the TV. That’s not really a problem, unless I’m editing or I’m like, writing a blog post. Master Pravus noticed I wasn’t on the computer as much for a couple of days (I mean the amount of things I have to edit is literally never ending. I rarely am caught up and I think that’s a very good problem to have! But. I wasn’t working on it.

“Why aren’t you working on it?”

“Can’t see the TV without exacerbating my hip, and it’s actually getting better. So, I’m doing just the bare minimum for now.”

“What if I.. Just, rearrange the front room?” (I mean he said it a little differently, I’m just shortening it to make it easier to understand.)

“I mean, if you did that, it could work. But that’s so much work. You don’t have to. Hip will improve! Then do more editing!”

And I woke up the next day to find that he had actually rearranged the front room so I could put my legs out straight and see the TV and be able to edit! My heart! I teared up and crawled into my spot. I couldn’t believe he took all that trouble. I mean, I realize he wants me to work, but I also realize he wants my hip to get better, and it was so. Sweet.

So here I am with my legs straight out in front of me (the best position for my hip to heal in for the moment). And I mean, it is getting better. It is, but not.. Quickly. But it’s way more tolerable. Anyway, when I came downstairs, I sent Master Pravus a text and I said he was an absolute angel for fixing up the front room and I was so thankful.

But you guys, he has Sexlexia. (Well, but for real). And he was slightly stressed.

“But we talked about this? Why don’t you like it? What did I do?”

I instantly knew what was stressing him. I’ve lived with Zapp Brannigan a long time now.

“I called you an angel, not an angle. I love it. Thank you so much. Seriously. Thank you. I’m really grateful.”

Master Pravus whipped out his phone.

“Oh. Right. I see you did.” He grinned sheepishly. “My Dyslexia, you know.”

“I know. I love you. Thanks for fixing the couch.”

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