Road to Rivendell: Week 23

You know. Success isn’t linear. One week the victory train is pulling into the station because everything is going awesome. The next week you have a hip injury that makes zero sense at all, and you’re back on the struggle bus. Struggle bus it is, I suppose. I mean, I’m seeing improvements in the hip- but not big enough to hit my step goal every day. And really that’s a big shame because I was one day away from increasing it and now I can’t increase it at all because hip injury. I mean. I’m not even hitting it every day now. >.>

I guess the important thing though, is that I’m coming close to my step goal each day, and even if I wasn’t. I’m still moving forward. It’s not great, okay. But I haven’t stopped. So this week I made it 3.93 miles. And that was my absolute best I could do.

87.6 Miles total.

300.22 Miles left to reach Rivendell.

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