“This Came For You”

We went downstairs, I snuggled into my spot on the couch. I hooked up to my fluids and Master Pravus seemed to be spending a lot longer in the kitchen than usual, but I wasn’t sure exactly what he was doing in there. I mean. What could he be doing exactly? Usually he runs up to get a shower, maybe he gets a drink first. Is he alright in there? Hmm. Just when I was about to drag the walker to go hunt him down, he appeared.

“This came for you!”

I keep telling him he doesn’t have to get me anything for Easter. I don’t particularly care about celebrating it, (he likes celebrating it, so I celebrate it with him), but at the same time it’s not even like I can really eat the Easter foods I could eat before anymore? So like. Easter itself. I want to be there for Master Pravus, but I keep telling him that he really doesn’t need to worry over things like an Easter Basket. I don’t need presents or anything. I just am happy to spend the day with him and watch the Pope and do whatever else he wants.

But he keeps insisting. “There’s something I can put in a basket.” It’s like it’s ingrained in him. I find it kind of cute. This year he nearly forgot about Easter, which has happened a couple of times since my gastroparesis. I mean. I can’t eat a whole lot, he can’t eat an entire ham. It’s a weird scenario. But still he wants to celebrate it. He was on the phone with someone or other a few days before Easter when “Hey, what are you doing on Easter? Making ham?” came up.

“Easter already?” I think I was reading or something at the time and honestly didn’t even look up. Easter. >.> It just. ::shrugs::

So right when I was about to charge like a lumberjack into the kitchen Master Pravus came in with a cute little basket. Kind of heavy!

What the what? My old Easter basket didn’t make it through the move, so this was a brand new one. And in it (I had to dig under some fluffy stuff!) was some giant chalk! I have a small collection of chalk because one thing I loved to do before Master Pravus worked from home was to leave him cute little messages on the driveway to come home to.

“For help with your Day Zero Project!” he said.

“That was. Actually super thoughtful of the Easter Bunny,” I told him, shocked that the Easter Bunny would remember a very silly little goal like that. But also… Lookit the SIZE of these! I mean. They’re huge! I’m pretty sure it’ll be impossible to run out of chalk now, even with all our stairs.

Thank mew Easter Bunny. I appreciate you bringing me non-food stuffs. And I appreciate the fact that it was something I’ll actually use. It really was super cute!

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