“Hey, Look What I Can Do!”

Master Pravus was getting a rowdy migraine. He has completely different symptoms than I do, because nobody gets the weirdo symptoms I get with mine. (HA!) He gets typical migraine symptoms, but he has some medicine that will both help cut his migraine symptoms down, but temporarily make all of his OCD symptoms worse. And also make him hyperactive.


“Are you.. Are you feeling OK? Should I check your blood pressure? Did you remember to take your pill today? You have the zoooomies!”


He handed me a beautifully. I mean beautifully wound cord. Gorgeously wound. Oh no. I knew what the problem was immediately.

“Are you getting a migraine, Master?”


I took it from him.

“Oh. Yes. It. It really is. But….”

He interrupted me to snatch it from my hand and race across the house with it. I heard a yelp.

“Owwwweeeee!” I heard.

Naturally, hearing my Master yell at the top of his lungs had me a bit panicked. But also, I was hooked up to fluids so while I was in the middle of attempting to get up and drag my fluids walker to go and get to him, I didn’t get to him before he got to me.


“I’m sorry? I thought I just heard you scream…”

“YOUDID!BUTNOW…” And he raised both arms above his head at the same time, and with the same range of motion. I couldn’t possibly reproduce the sound I made. No way. It was a shriek of pure joy. Less of a shriek and more of a shrill yelp? I was so excited for him. We both just started laughing, but before we got very far, he started flailing his arms around.


“Try not to push too hard, what if you re-injure it? You only just got use of that back!”


“Me too!”

Ever since he hurt his shoulder a while back he’s been unable to do almost anything with it. I mean, he’s been struggling to do a lot of stuff. It’s affected him so badly, up to and including our play. He’s had to have three or so MRIs and they thought he was going to need surgery on top of physio. But now he’s going to cancel the physio because it seems like something rekajiggered back into place!


We couldn’t stop laughing. The happiest happy thing that has happened medically in a while. So happy. So happy. So happy. I can’t believe a case of the zoomies has fixed this for him and for us. This is the best. We were both so worried he would need to have surgery over this. Now it’s only his ankles.

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