Radi-Oh No!

I’ve had insomnia for a long while. Its always been more an on again/off again thing where it will come and go depending on luck I feel.. But some things do sort of factor into it. If you have insomnia, you probably know about sleep hygiene. Basically, the things you do in your bed, and before you go to sleep and all of that. You gotta be super careful so you don’t trip off your insomnia. And I try to be careful.

One thing that always turns me off like a light is guitar music, because I grew up with that. I got used to it because my brother would practice his guitar every night before bed. When I moved in with Master Pravus though, he had his own routine and wouldn’t let me play my little CD of Super Big Bro’s music. (So mean, ha ha ha). Instead, he listened to audiobooks at bedtime. And man oh man oh man. It took me a couple of years to get used to this! I would literally be awake the whole time I was visiting because I would try too hard to listen to the books. I mean, they were so engrossing!

Well, eventually I got used to them. Now I know them by heart. We only listen to a couple of them and a radio show. I love the radio show the most, it’s my favorite thing to listen to. When we moved in, we didn’t have the little audiobook/radio show station all set up yet so we just had a silent house. That was kinda tough to deal with too. You gotta learn the house, the sounds it makes. It’s a new house to us, so new sounds. Plus, I’m a light sleeper. If Dongalor literally steps on a crinkly cat toy- I’m going to hear it, and without the background noise it makes it harder to sleep.

But that radio show. It’s like my crack. If I ever did drugs it would be that radio show crushed up and rolled nice and thick. Knocks me right out now that I know absolutely every single word. ::Ahem::

On the other hand, I’ve been really sick lately. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you guessing. It’s definitely my feeding tube. What else would it be there’s literally no other way I get sick ever. It started off with super high fever and rigors, and now it seems to be settling down but I’m still pretty sick.. And whenever I am super sick there’s only one answer: banishment to the couch. It’s not intended to be cruel. It’s supposed to encourage me to rest. Everything I really need is on the first floor and swapping floors to go to the second floor is a lot when you’re too sick.

So I’m down here all alone.

Master Pravus tucks me in and he goes upstairs but he doesn’t like doing it. Neither of us like it but it’s a necessary evil. The day my fever went down (it’s not gone, just down) we thought I could handle going upstairs for a tubby and then into bed if I didn’t try to work or anything and I literally got the high fever back. So. It’s important.

On the first night of our temporary separation, Master Pravus put the radio show on for himself. He likes them too, remember he was listening before I was. Of course I had an absolutely abominable night’s sleep on the couch with chills, aches, all the usual stuff that comes with a fever that high… But the next morning Master Pravus told me he had an even worse night than I did.

Apparently it had been such a long time since he’d heard the radio show that he was constantly waking up thinking I was crying for him from downstairs. And I would never just yell… I have my phone that I keep always on if I’m down here so I can call him if I needed something. But every time he came downstairs I was sleeping like a baby or otherwise OK. He’d just stare from the top of the second flight of stairs and go “Kitty? You alright?”

“What? I mean. As fine as I was before bed…”

And he’d go back upstairs. But I only saw him once, and I think he said the book woke him up a few times. 🙁 Poor Master Pravus.

I can’t help but think how cute it was that whenever he got startled out of sleep that he thought I was in danger, instead of a character in the story or something. Kitty is fine, of course. As fine as can be for now.

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