“Monday, Then.”

“I don’t really want to bring the ankle thing up on Monday.”

“Ledge talking, are we?”

“What? No. No, of course not. I?”

“Kitty. Then why not?”

I looked at my ankle in its little air cast. It always just takes me forever to heal and I’m just tired. I’d probably start perking up when they fix my feeding tube.

“I think if they can just fix the feeding tube, then I’ll feel better. Then we can get to the appointments for the TPN and I’ll heal faster anyway. I don’t think that. Like. I don’t really think they can do anything else so I don’t wanna..”

“Kitty. I don’t think they’ve run out of available options with your ankle yet. They said to go back if it didn’t heal in five days and it looks like throw-up two weeks later.”


“If you really don’t want to you don’t have to. I won’t make you. Maybe you’re right that it’ll just heal faster if we fix the tube and you don’t feel as run down.”


We started walking towards the stairs and I nearly fell. Twice. Of course. Of course I did.


“Monday then. I’ll just ask if I’m taking care of it right on Monday then. I promise. I’ll bring it up.”

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