A Blanding’s Turtle

Someone recently reached out to me and nudged me gently to say “Hey, y’know. We uh. We haven’t seen any new posts from you in over a month. How about the thing? Are you still doing the thing?”

I am still doing the thing. Albeit, a bit slowly and full of the type of shame that typically accompanies these types of things. You know, the things you can’t seem to get ahead of? I mean. I do know that things are going to figure themselves out one way or another. I do realize that I’m taking the steps every day towards the fixes and the little things you gotta do to get to the fixes. But. It’s been tough between a mixture of feeding tube dysfunction (yes, again) and all the stuff that comes along with it. And my ankle, which has been somewhat of a thorn in my side for the last two months. At least with my ankle, it’s going to get better at a faster rate than the feeding tube I gather.

But, I do have an appointment to get plans underway to (I hope) get nutrition through my IV instead of dealing with my feeding tube, and I’m hopeful it’ll be a much better option for me because I’m tired of surgery and. Well, I mean. Who wouldn’t be? I mean, I don’t want a maintenance surgery every six months, and surgery more often than that just because the thing never works out right.

So anyways. It turns out that right next to our hospital (slight exaggeration, but only a few minutes away) there’s a little “Natural museum trail.” And we can’t bring the wheelchair on most of it because, I mean, completely inaccessible steps. (RUDE). However, there’s a small segment in the front with some birbs, and a turtle pond (they put out a different turtle every day! I think there’s five turtles). And there’s a fox section and some otters. (Although the otters haven’t been out at any point when we’ve been there. So we’ve been going there after my appointments if it’s not too late as a sort of reward since I absolutely hate going to the doctor. (And the part I can physically access is a ten minute segment at best, so not too out of the way.)

When I was a little kid we had two red eared slider turtles in the front of the house, in a HUGE giant tank. They were really fun to watch and I keep watching for when they’re going to put the sliders out. I mean, they’re listed as being an option for turtles, so it would be kinda nostalgic to see them one day in the museum’s turtle pond. Finger’s crossed.

I’ll try to update a little more often here. I keep thinking things like “I just have to get through this horrible and or annoying life thing and THEN I can blog something…” because I don’t really want to continue reporting things that aren’t fun and exciting. But, that isn’t what this blog or any blog should be about. This blog is about me, and Master Pravus, and my Dragon, and my life in general. It’s a place I come to show pictures with plushies, and talk about very stupid things that don’t matter (like how cute my plushies will look when I make them a dumb outfit), or sexy things, (like how much I love playing with my newest tentacle), or sad things, or anything really. It’s my life. My life. And my life isn’t always neat and orderly and manicured beautifully or pretty. We can strive for that, but that’s not what it is. If you’re here, and you’re reading still, or you’re new and you just started. Thank you for coming along with me on my journey. I’m going to do better.

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