Road to Rivendell: Week 52- One Year

Well, I’m one full year into this challenge, and I have yet to make it to Rivendell. I don’t feel in any way discouraged though. I started this challenge straight off a major surgery, in which they had done a midline incision and I had thought “Well, this will be a long, slow trek, but it will get better with time and I’ll get there.” I figured out the miles I’d need to do per day, and I figured that because of the surgery I’d be a little bit on the slow side starting out and I’d make up for lost time later. That hasn’t. I mean I’m nowhere near the average amount of miles per day I’d need to make to hit my Mordor goal on time, right at this juncture. However!

When I started out on this journey, I was doing an average (out of surgery) of five hundred steps per day, and I wasn’t pushing myself in any kind of way. That was just what I was managing after having a major surgery. I was just recording the steps. Then I started doing better, and along the way there has been injury and illness and I haven’t managed to increase my step goal all that much, however, I am averaging almost 2,000 steps right now. And I see that as a big improvement. It’s not in any kind of way near what it was supposed to be, but it’s a steady slow increase of strength, and I’m proud of that. And I’m proud of me. And I’m not to Rivendell after a year, but you know what? I’m eager to see what I manage next year, where I go and what I do and how far I get. I want to see what I can accomplish.

This week, I walked a total of 4.11 miles, and that brings my complete total for one year to 178 miles. I’m incredibly proud of that. I did that. I went 178 miles! I.

I pushed myself during moments when I would have gotten nothing more done than sitting still waiting on something, by walking laps or pacing. I did what I could, and this was my best. Last year at this point I was lucky to do one mile per week. Right now I am getting between four and five a week and it’s going up. I’m glad of this. I’m happy. I did not have a good year physically, but I’ll tell you something, that doesn’t make me feel any sort of unhappy about my numbers. And I look forward to next year’s numbers.

178.65 Miles total.

206.43 Miles left to reach Rivendell.

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