Back Is Forward Sometimes

Tomorrow was supposed to be my surgery day, but it won’t be. Sometimes the way forward is backwards, I guess. I had a minor surgery last week, to put my tube back in place. The tube is in place! The tube is in place. I can move around and everything and it’s not.. Problematic anymore as far as being loose or leaking or anything. And that’s good. But, I spiked a high fever the day after I left the hospital. And the surgeon thought I should do a round of antibiotics before I do the surgery (which makes sense. Surgery stresses your body, why stress it extra unduly, you know?) so now I got rescheduled. I’m getting my surgery in December instead of tomorrow.

So now I gotta call up the Patient Advocate all over again. Make sure Master Pravus will be okay to stay with me again because technically, Technically, TECHNICALLY, this is a different stay and I have to line all the ducks up in a row. But I’ve still had the high fever on and off even since starting the antibiotic so I’ll probably wait until that calms down in a couple of days before I deal with the annoyance of that nightmare. At least they’ll remember me. ::Sigh::

But in some good news, I finally got a new video up on my YouTube channel. I know, I know. You and everyone else thought it was dead. Even I thought it was dead, and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it. I think I’ve decided. If you want to see the newest installment (it’s incredibly short, but it’s still an update) you can go HERE. I don’t know how often I’ll be able to update it realistically, with a major surgery coming up, (and honestly, I know of a few more upcoming I’m going to need after this) but I’m planning on playing things by ear. I wanna continue and I have a lot of ideas. So here’s to that. But it will be a slow start, with not as many videos to begin with and hopefully increasing with time.

That’s everything for now. Bustling around here like a busy little Kitty-bee today.

Mew. <3

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