Xmas 2023

There wasn’t even an Xmas to speak of last year. I mean, Master Pravus and me exchanged pressies as we usually do, but. I was in so much pain I could barely move without the walker and I usually only use that as a thing to hang my fluids from.. Not as a thing for stability. Healing from that feeding tube resite surgery was really stressful and difficult. And Xmas was also difficult. Not to mention the house was a lot more boxed up than it is now.

I used to take a picture of all of my pressies clumped up in a pile on the bed since everyone always asks “What’d you get?” I mean. It’s a good question. You’re not wrong for asking it. If you wanna know what Master Pravus got me, you can click here. If you wanna know what my Dragon got me, you can.. Well. Here:

I mean, I got a few more things from my Dragon. But, those will be revealed in time because I am annoying as fuck and. They’re wearable. 🙂 If you wanna know what I got my Dragon? Well. They didn’t post it to their Twitter, so I guess you’re not gonna know. Heh. But, they loved it and that’s all I care about. If you wanna know what I got my Master, you already would know if you clicked the link and watched the video to see what he got for me. ::Kitty laughs:: Everything’s connected, huh? Yeah, it is.

Xmas is a tough holiday for me. It’s overwhelming and stressful in big big ways every single time no matter how I approach it. I am trying to learn to appreciate Xmas for what it is, and what it can be, with chosen family. With my beloved ones. With my Master, with my Dragon. With my closest friends. But I still find it stressful every year. It doesn’t feel like it belongs to me.

This year wasn’t really different than most in typical ways. Every year, we wait for Santa to arrive via the NORAD tracker and every year I do my best to track Santa as loudly as I can and mew excitedly about it because I know it brings Master Pravus glee watching me track. I have absolutely no idea if Dragon had fun with me constantly sending them updates of whether or not Santa was in Canada or on his way to Japan, but I still did it, and they seemed to have fun cheering me on regardless. 🙂 (After all, if I fall asleep before Santa arrives I gotta wait until the next day to open my pressies. Not an end of the world type of deal… But. Y’know.)

Santa arrived around.. 10 or 11PM? I think? I was so tired from all the Xmas hype I nearly fell asleep at 9PM to be honest with you! I made video of opening the pressies my Dragon gave me before opening anything else (because I was already getting really sleepppyyy and I didn’t want to be even sleepier on camera) and then I opened everything else.

I couldn’t open pressies properly and Master Pravus had to half-open everything for me. It was hard. I had so many pressies my PICC arm was literally bruised the next day, despite having help opening them all. And because of that, Master Pravus was pretty quick to put things away after we unwrapped them. It’s all kind of a joint effort right now. I did get some clothes, video games, journals, shoes, a kitty necklace, a cat plushie, a huge restock of gel pens, three cases (yes, cases) of different teas. It was a lot.

Overall, it was a good Xmas Eve, followed by a very very sleepy Xmas Day. I was just so tired the next day. Next day super hard. But I made it. I got to wake up the next day and see Dragon get their pressies and I got to hear from friends and family that they got their thingies too. Everyone happy with Santa Kitty. The end.

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