Pawbean isn’t dead. He’s. He’s sleeping.

Shhh! Don’t wake him up, OK?

As you can see, there’s only two shoots left. I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t know, I don’t know! I did do some research on succulents, and they said that, so long as the stem is green there was a chance the plant might… Come back. Repot in fresh soil and put him somewhere nice. I dunno if this is somewhere “nice” but it’s the best place I can think of after trying every other place and him just.. Floundering!

Spleesh. Two frickin’ plants dying (ok, ok, I obviously don’t have a LOT of hope for our deal little Pawbean here.) since moving here? What gives? I don’t wanna just give up on this little guy. I realize his odds are very, very poor but also, he’s still trying. So I will too!

Feel free to leave your best succulent tips in my comments section. Maybe there’s something new that might save Pawbean. (Or a successor).

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