Blankie Progress

I’ve been working on a blankie for Master Pravus for years. He wasn’t pleased with the first one I made him. Too small he said. >.< I mean. It was kind of small. But it was my firstest blankie I ever made. Still, determined to please him, I promised to fix it. (He didn’t get rid of the old one, but he rarely uses it.) I chained the first row of stitches for him, and every time I added 100 more stitches, I asked him if he liked that length. “No. Longer,” he told me. Up to 700 stitches. Then, I made a single row of color and asked: “Is this how much you want for each band of color?” “No,” he said, “Add another row.” I kept adding rows until he was pleased with the width. There’s seven rows of each color. And every time I get close to finishing all seven rows of a single color, Master Pravus goes to the store and he brings back another color. In this way, his blanket will be made exactly in the color pattern he desires. His length, his width, his colors. Whatever he likes. He will tell me when it’s long enough. I just keep adding rows to it.

I hadn’t done anything with the blanket since the move, and this is mainly due to the fact that, it took some time to unpack, and then I had to find the crochet hooks! I did find the crochet hooks when I had the PICC line in, but then of course I couldn’t crochet because the thing was in my right arm. Argh! However, now I’ve started it up again, and I’m excited. I want to finish it for him. It’s not that there’s a particular rush, it’s just that this has been such a long time coming, and I want to see it to its end. It’s the second blanket I will have ever made. I want to see what it will look like when it’s done. And I want to right the wrong of the too-tiny blanket. Getting there.

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