The heat is one thing, but the humidity?  That’s another.  Colorado isn’t usually this humid, which is why many people own swamp coolers.  The past week has been so humid though, that the swamp cooler is barely working.  The house is so muggy and awful that I’m under strict orders to go hide in the bedroom the second I start to feel too hot or get slightly lightheaded.

It sounds good in theory, but many of the days in the past week have included me leaving the bedroom only for bathroom trips, food, or twenty or thirty minutes to try to accomplish something (laundry, dishes, sewing, etc).  The computer I use for the Mewtique and for blogging is in the back of the house, where very little cool air seems to reach.  I’ve been pretty miserable, but trying to make do.  Master Pravus keeps reminding me that my health is more important than anything that needs to get done, and that it’s always better for me to hide in the bedroom with a book than it is to wind up in the emergency room.  Still.  It’s tough.

We’re going to need to eventually upgrade the house to central AC, it seems, but that’s not going to be any time soon.  ::Sigh::

If you need me, I’ll be hiding in the bedroom until Autumn hits.

8 thoughts on “Melting!

  1. oh bless you *blows cool air at you* It’s super warm here at the moment too, but fortunately not too humid.
    It’s true that your health has to come first and if that means keeping cool in the bedroom then that is what you need to do. I know it’s hard for you though. I’d send hugs but I don’t want you to overheat any more!

  2. Yeah, I have to agree with the heat thing… I don’t want to go outside at all!!! I’ve been hiding inside my bed room, thankfully computer and stuff is in here. The rest of our house doesn’t have air con. just the bedrooms!

  3. I had to google what a swamp cooler was. I live in the Northeast where I guess we don’t use them. Seeing the photo, we;ve called it a “portable ac” in the past, but that’s really not accurate.

    I hope you get some relief and don’t have to be cooped up in one space!

    1. @sublea Yeah, I am from Boston originally, so I had no idea what a swamp cooler was until we moved here. They are very common in Colorado. Yeah, it’s not really like a “portable ac”, because it doesn’t really “condition” the air. It cools the air by blowing air over dripping water, which does cause some humidity, but it’s negligible unless it’s humid outside. Either way.. Bring on Autumn!

      1. Oddly enough, the day I read your post, I was out walking and saw what I would describe as a swamp cooler (but it was probably a portable wheeled AC) in someone’s apartment, I think. I remember thinking it was perfect timing.

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