Every time I get sick or have surgery my recovery seems to happen almost overnight.  It’s happened to me a couple of times before.  I feel like shit, I feel like shit, I feel like shit: WHAM I feel passable.  I don’t seem to go through a “kinda sorta okay” phase.  I’m just kinda better.  I’m not sure if it’s because my actual quality of life is so poor, or maybe I’m just not noticing it as it happens.  For whatever the reason I seem to wake up one day and just feel ready to attempt life again.  So, twenty three days after I woke up from surgery (yesterday) I felt passable.

It isn’t as though my wound is healed.  To be honest, I’m not even sure where I stand on my wound.  I finally found a bag that fits and works well without irritating the crap out of my skin, so I haven’t looked at the wound in about two days.  Unless something goes wrong, I don’t intend to take the bag off and change it out until Saturday.  (You change your bag about twice a week when things are going well, you completely empty the bag several times a day.)  When I saw it last it was a bit bigger and grosser, but that’s because we ran out of the right supplies for about three days so we got set back.  Now that we have the right supplies I think the wound will start filling in again.

I woke up yesterday and I found that I was able to shower with no help (I’d been doing that one for about two weeks), I could put my compression socks on without help, blow-dry Gob’s bag, fix meals, make myself drinks, sit up, crochet and maybe even attempt sewing.  I didn’t sew, because Master Pravus wanted me to save my strength for going to the grocery store that night, but I’ll probably be attempting it really soon.

Master Pravus has been coming home on his lunch break (he is a six minute drive) to check up on me every day since the surgery with the rare exception of needing to go down to the medical supply store for things for Gob.  I didn’t ask him to, he was worried about me being home alone.  The first few days I was home I wasn’t even able to get my medicines for myself let alone eat, so he felt better coming home and putting food and a drink by me.  He really doesn’t need to prepare food for me anymore, as I’m completely able to care for myself, for the most part.  To the same extent I have been for the last couple of years anyway.

I’m not without pain, but it’s not the type of pain I give a fuck about.  My pain hovers between a two and a three.  I haven’t had any of the pain pills in two days, and unless it suddenly spikes up to a four or something, I don’t plan on even thinking about it.

I am not completely better.  When I was on bed rest, I felt like I was starting to get bored, and like I didn’t want to sit still, but I also didn’t feel like I had the energy to do much.  I can bend, get into and out of bed, do light chores etc etc without difficulty.  The trouble is the fatigue.  Doing some light chores could make me so tired that I need to take an hour nap, but it’s worth it, I think.  I’ve surpassed the amount of healing I’m going to get from bed rest.  Movement is pivotal to getting better faster.  However, it’s going to be slow going for a little while, I can tell.  The surgeon said six weeks to be 100% back to normal for a person without Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and three months for me.  I can do this!  Slowly but surely.

I’m imagining my first days of real activity are going to be fifteen minutes activity: one hour nap.  Rinse and repeat.  We’ll see how things pan out.

Thing is, at the end of the recovery, when I start feeling my absolute best?  Yeah, that’s when I’m having a much bigger surgery, so I know I’ll get knocked back a bit from that.

I wasn’t able to get the laptop set up, but I had wanted to blog last Thursday about finally experimenting with some light play time.  Master Pravus wasn’t comfortable penetrating me, but he let me stay on the couch and he gave me a manual orgasm.  We’ve played a bit more since then, and I’m hoping he’ll feel brave enough to penetrate me soon.  The problem is, I still have bruises from the surgery, and I know he’s worried about doing more damage, but I’ve tried to tell him it’s okay.  I know it won’t be much longer.  =^^=

The next big step in my healing is when we tear down the couch.  When I don’t need a place to lay down flat in the middle of the room, we’ll know I’m about 85% there.  For now though, it’s a game of up and down.  That’s pretty huge for me though because before I wasn’t even feeling well enough some days to do anything that involved sitting up for too long.

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