Bear Wrestling

Something kind of fun to share today! 🙂 As I’ve mentioned before, Master Pravus and me are in the middle of moving right now, and as I write this, the ball is rolling faster and faster. Some good news is that my port seems to finally be healed from moving it from the right side of my chest to the left side, so I can actually dedicate more of my physical stamina to actual packing. We’re still waiting on the bruising and stitch but I’m about 90% better! Huzzah!

As many of the easy things get packed and removed from the house, we’re slowly figuring out what on Earth to do with some of the more complicated things. Case in point. Stephen.

Stephen is in no way getting left behind. I love him way too much! But he’s huge. He’s literally almost as tall as I am, and we needed to figure out what to do with such a large stuffed animal. Neither Master Pravus nor me like the idea of just moving him as is. We thought about moving him in maybe a garment box, and just taking the bar out, but we don’t have one and we’d need to find one. (Plus those are expensive!) Then I got the idea to put him in one of those Space Saver bags. Master Pravus thought there was no fucking way we’d manage it. We only have large bags (he figured we’d need an XL maybe)!

“I can do it! I SWEAR!” I told him.

“If you can do it, let’s do it! That’s a great idea.”

It took an hour. Some serious manhandling, and kitty-pouncing… Oh, and the talents of one magnificent nap-bombing elephant.. But we did it! We can’t stop giggling looking at this package.

I don’t want to be there when Stephen “wakes up” from torpor.. Hopefully he’s not too mad at me. lol!

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