Jesus Grip: Enhanced


I’ve had a feeding tube for a few years now, and one thing I’ve always just accepted as a fact of life (albeit one of the most annoying ones though!) is that every time we go out driving anywhere at all I have to jam my right leg against my feeding tube and the door. Failure to do this results in my feeding tube backpack falling over, and that may or may not set off the tube’s alarm because if it’s not upright- the pump won’t run. It’s really, really annoying.

Overall I just kind of dealt with this as something that people with feeding tubes just had to deal with. I mean, It didn’t even occur to me that there might be a solution to this that we could come up with. At some point, (Master Pravus and me were running around a lot recently back and forth to Home Depot), and I came up with a rather simple idea. What if I rigged up some sort of little ropey system in the car with a carabiner, that I could hook the bag to when I got in the car?! Then I could just get in, hook the bag up and not have to worry about the thing falling over and alarming just because we took a turn too fast or hit a rotary!

Of course, every time we went I would see a carabiner, and then forget to mention it to Master Pravus, and then leave the store without my equipment. So today we went down there and went in search of a carabiner. Not unexpectedly, because we were looking for one, we couldn’t find one. Laughs. Still, we found this little CamJam set up, that had ropes attached. It’s almost like a pulley system. Sort of.

CamJam Setup

So what we wound up doing, is attaching the CamJam carabiners to the backpack on the sides, and then looping the rope up and over the Jesus Grip. There’s two plastic triangles on the sides of my backpack that are actually perfect for this! Originally I was going to attach the carabiner to the handle on top of the backpack. But this worked out pretty perfectly.

CamJam in action!

I’m really proud of how well this turned out, and how simple it is in execution. The ropes don’t have any slack or wave into the front of the window or anything. It isn’t distracting or anything at all. It’s really a great solution and makes things so easy on me when we drive. I’ve had my j-tube for over three years now, and we’re still coming up with solutions to make it easier to live with all the time! Maybe someone out there who also has a feeding tube could see this and it might be helpful to them. It was easy to set up, so I wanted to share it here on my blog.

NOTE: This was just something me and Master Pravus came up with randomly on our own while we were out running around. We weren’t given any of the products mentioned and the above opinions are just our own opinions. Also, if you’re reading this I hope you have a fabulous day.

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