The Prettiest Key

We were unpacking a few weeks ago when Master Pravus asked me if I came upon the tin that held the keys to everything yet. I told him that I had not. (Don’t worry, he keeps the keys to everything vital in his wallet at all times, while the keys for toys and playtime go into the tin.) I try to run downstairs (Read: take the carriage down the stairs) and then do some unpacking on what most people would consider their lunch break. Sometime later in the evening I do a little bit of unpacking with Master Pravus as well. It turns out that on this very night in question, I had found the tin he had been asking me about! Huzzah!

You see, we found the black manacles, the silver steel handcuffs, and a couple other things which require keys. I put the lunchbox upstairs in the studio and he had me open it up for him. Now normally I don’t really look at the keyring itself. It isn’t that I’m not allowed to, or anything like that (that’d just be silly), but it’s just not really something Master Pravus asks me for very often. He might ask me for the cuffs, or the manacles, or the cat-proof box.. But he doesn’t ask me for the keys.

Perhaps he feels like this would spoil the surprise. I don’t know. If I were to get him the manacles (for example) it almost always is a part of getting me to subspace- there’s this feeling that you’re going to be bound coming up but somehow I feel like if I were to bring him the keys it almost takes the mystery out of the air. You feel more like you’re getting released or something. I don’t know how to describe it exactly. At any rate, I would definitely be glad to bring him the keys if he asked, but it’s not the type of thing he typically will ask me for.

As we open the box (which is somewhat sparse at the moment, we come across a couple of stun guns- several little plastic pigs (sorry but we’re too hardcore not to have a pig in literally every container and room in our house ::snerk::) and a keyring. At that point I had made a comment about how beautiful this key was:

Look at this key!

I said something about how it was gorgeous, but I hadn’t seen it up close really- maybe only a few times in passing. I couldn’t imagine it actually working to lock and unlock things and had decided that it must be purely decorative. I said to Master Pravus:

“That key is so lovely! But, why keep a non-functional key around? Like, just because it’s exquisite? I guess I can understand that..”

“What?! Oh no! That’s my favorite key! And it’s very functional!”

He swiped it up and started turning it around in different manacles and cuffs (we have a lot of cuffs, they all look pretty similar honestly, except for the ones that are of different color than the classic steel) and then he got to maybe his third pair and they opened right up easily.

He said the look on my face was priceless. I couldn’t believe that someone had taken the time to design such a gloriously ornamental key for a pair of hand cuffs!

Target spotted. 🙂

As I sat there, kind of stunned, Master Pravus had decided what we were going to do that night. 🙂 After all, I was already in a state over his little “magic trick” with that key I thought was only decorative.

It started with a key in the ignition.

And I guess, that’s how a pretty little key turned my brain into swiss cheese. 😉

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