Road to Rivendell: Week 5

I just had to do a double take on this, because it didn’t seem correct to me, but I got the same exact amount of steps this week that I got last week: 2.99! It’s kind of extra crazy to me because I’ve been really sick (still), which is why I’m a bit late typing this up and there were days during this week where I didn’t leave the couch except to use the bathroom. >.> Sad.

Anyway. This is definitely not the start off to Mordor I was intending, but I don’t have a fever anymore so I’m hoping things get stronger from here. And even Frodo has some weak days in there… OK, ok. They weren’t really in the start of his journey (I mean, unless we’re talking about after Weathertop, but I digress…)


21.71 Miles total.

421.02 Miles left to Rivendell.

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