Day Zero Project II: #84 Complete!

I’m so pleased! This past Sunday I managed to complete another of my goals! It wasn’t easy for me at all. #84 on my list of goals is “Get up everyday no later than 10AM for a month.” I sometimes had been able to accomplish getting up early previous to accomplishing this goal, and I noticed that when I did this I enjoyed the extra time I had during the day. I liked being able to do more and I liked being awake before anyone else so I could relax and wake up a bit more slowly.

Forcing myself to be up by a certain time each day was actually more stressful than I had hoped in practice, however. I really do like being up early, but I don’t know if this is something I will really take forward with me into my life and keep. Honestly, I do have a bedtime, and I am in bed at a certain time every night (unless Master Pravus and me are running late or something). Needing to be up every day by a certain time started giving me anxiety about it. I would start to panic. “Oh no! Am I going to be up on time! What if I miss it and need to start this whole entire goal over again?”

I don’t think that it will go away now that the goal has disappeared either because I start to panic about being up in the morning if I have an appointment the next day too.. I mean, there’s a lot I need to do to get ready to go out because I have a feeding tube and because I need a certain amount of fluids so if I need to go somewhere I start to worry about how long I have to be up beforehand etc. I’m glad I gave it a go, and I’m glad I tried it but I don’t think that I’ll keep doing it. If I’m up before any specific time then I’m up. But if my body is crying out for more sleep- I’m going to sleep. Meh.

Oh, and while you’re here. I decided to change the tags for this challenge a little bit. Since I already did this challenge once, I changed the challenge to “Day Zero Project II” That way you can tell which attempt we’re on. It’s still early on, so it won’t be too hard to track. Thanks for reading! Mew! =^^=

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