Holy Griswald! (#33 Complete)

Praise Be To Holy Griswald!

I completed another goal on my Day Zero Project II list. Huzzah! This one was fairly straightforward, but incredibly silly. Have you met Griswald before? He’s part of my core group of plushies. And as such, I kind of carry him around with me in my day-to-day. He usually comes downstairs with me and Master Pravus usually does a completely ridiculous voice for him. I do it too sometimes, but Griswald’s personality is really Master Pravus’ invention. I bring this up because it’s kind of necessary to explain the monstrosity of what’s going on in the painting above.

So uh. First of all. I can’t actually paint. (I realize you could actually tell that. Ha ha, thank mew!) But, I like painting my stuffed animals from time to time and I had actually (along with Master Pravus) been talking about how I wanted to decorate the Green Room (which is in complete shambles right now while we slowly unpack everything). One of the things Master Pravus suggested was that I paint a picture of Griswald to frame and put up in there. Originally I had thought “you know, why don’t I do that?” But I struggled so much with how to paint him. Griswald is a little monster, an alchemical genius who harvests fresh frog’s breath and uses it for his own purposes. (I. Uh. Sorry if you’re still reading this at this point.)

So I thought about doing something incredibly contrary to his personality, like maybe paint him in an angelic pose, sleeping on a cloud but none of the pictures were coming out right. It was then that I got the absolutely revolting idea to paint him in the likeness of Christ. The worst part though, is that Griswald has really stubby arms, which were somewhat hard to paint holding his relics. Ack!

I realize it looks like Griswald is holding a bink.. But that’s not really a bink! It’s a gom jabbar! (Griwald really took to Dune, OK?) And yes, I realize he looks like he’s wearing bee antennae but it’s really a clever disguise so that he can sneak in amongst the bees and speak their language. And that cloud is obviously not a heavenly cloud. Yes, it’s frog’s breath.

So. Uh. You now know more than you ever needed or wanted to know about Griswald if you managed to get this far. One more goal checked off! Huzzah!

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