Innocent Heart

Heart Hand

This has to be one of the strangest ways I have borne a mark of service to Master Pravus, but it was bizarre, and so here we go. Buckle up babes.

The first thing you should know is that, I’ll do almost anything Master Pravus asks. I mean, okay- just about anything within reason. I’m pretty obedient. But on the other hand, you probably have also noticed my affinity for stickers. If you need me to do something quickly, it’s not hard to persuade me to do it by offering me a sticker. The even more shameful thing is, I’ll still get excited if it’s my own sticker from my own sticker box and I’m not the one picking out the sticker. I told you I literally have no sense of shame. “But Kitty,” you might think “You already had that sticker to begin with, why would you just.. Do a task to get a sticker you already have?” And I would like to give you a good answer to that. I would. I really would. The best answer I have for you is, Master Pravus makes me really weak. But, I mean. Have you looked into his eyes? Maybe if you did, you’d understand.

Anyway. It went something like this:

I needed some medicine in my feeding tube, but the water was a little bit too hot. I wasn’t seriously hurt or anything, but, I did yelp like an overactive guppy and Master Pravus had a conference call to get to in five minutes.

“Kitty, I have to get to a meeting in five minutes.”

“OK, but can we get cooler water, that’s wicked hot!”

“If you can tolerate it, I’ll give you a sticker….” He tried really, really hard to look like the sticker could cure a minor scald.

“Ohh! Can I…” A scallop-like smile came across my face as my insides were hurting “Can I perhaps have… TWO stickers?”

He visibly relaxed. “Yes, Kitty. I’ll get you….” He finished up with my tube, closed up my binder and put one heart sticker on each of my hands. “There, TWO stickers. I gotta go!” And off he ran to his meeting.

I was completely fine, just a little uncomfortable for a few minutes, but not actually in serious pain or anything like that or he would have changed the water. Anyway, I actually forgot about the stickers after a while until later on.

That night, before my tubbie, I had to take the stickers off though. I mean, they couldn’t stay on my hands forever. Well. They really hurt coming off. That seemed like odd behavior for stickers. I mean. And I noticed that I had two heart shapes immediately after I pulled them off. Odd. And I thought “well, whatever, that’ll be gone in the morning I’m sure. Only, it hasn’t gone away yet. I mean it’s been two full days and I still have this bright red heart print on my right hand!

I mean I literally have a sensitivity to adhesives and sometimes they can leave a mark, but it’s a frickin’ sticker? I’ve never seen this? And I don’t know if the sticker contained some kind of latex maybe? But I’m two full days in and the skin looks the exact same. Like, it doesn’t hurt or anything but it’s just bright red and shaped like a heart. It’s. I mean. This is the weirdest power exchange mark I’ve ever gotten. A sticker. Alrighty. I guess we know not to use those stickers for next time. >.>

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