Day Zero Project Progress Goal #9 Attempt #2!

You know, I literally said “…I put him upstairs in the studio. It seems to be the best room in the house for light, humidity, etc…” Then I put Spike up there and I watched him, made sure he had light, water, etc. But his leaves. I dunno you guys. I dunno. He started getting a bit. Sick? Like immediately? I can’t even? Like I can’t EVEN?! I tried giving him more sun, less sun. Checking the water in the soil. It wasn’t too wet. >.> I’ve honestly never had a succulent start to droop. I mean. Literally droop! Welp. I had Master Pravus take a look at him the night before the.. Uh. The “incident.” He’s the one who has a green thumb out of the two of us. I tend to kill plants. “I don’t know, Kitty. He does seem a bit.. Tired. But. Soil isn’t too wet.. Too dry. Give him a little time. OK?” Ok. So I did. I did. We weren’t sure what to do. But. Then the next day I was about to do my makeup in the studio for a photo shoot and I shrieked. Master Pravus came running in to me crying. Yes, over a plant. I’m. Y’know. I cry a lot.

“Kitty what happened?”

I didn’t know how to explain, so I kind of just pointed at the plant and curled up facing away from it.

Spike is Dead. Long Live Spike.

“It wasn’t this bad yesterday.”

“I know.”

“Maybe we could transplant some of these other shoots that are still green..” he started, “Ew, maybe not.” Touching them made him realize that wasn’t a great plan. The leaves had a terrible texture. They felt funny. Sickening. It was nasty.

“Kitty. Have you thought about maybe.. Y’know. Adopting an air plant?”

“But the goal was for a succulent!”

“You’re right. I know you can do it.”

Not to be deterred (after we got it cleaned up. Ugh. I’ve never had a plant go so terribly wrong! I mean. It was just. It was. Gross. I’d been waiting until we found a succulent that looked “adorable.” Something that might survive awhile. Something less killable? I hoped.

Enter Pawbean. Yes.. Pawbean.

Object on blog may be larger than actual plant.

Pawbean is much smaller than the last succulent, so maybe there’s a better chance here? Just maybe? I.. Hope! I’ve never actually killed a succulent before. Spike’s death was a little shocking to me. I’m wondering if maybe he was too close to the radiator and wound up getting too warm sometimes when it was cycling. :/ But I can’t be sure. I have Pawbean on a downstairs windowsill, there’s no heat or anything directly within ten feet of him so crossing my fingers. And starting again on this goal.

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