We’re VERY Much Still Setting Up, But Here’s The Mirror

I realized fairly recently that we’ve been in the “new” house for a little over a year. Whoa. In that time, I admit we’re still not unpacked but we’re doing our best with it and it’s still a hard thing to complete. One thing that’s been making me really stressed out is The Mewtique. I need to get my sewing room set up and get the store back in an operational state for a lot of reasons. One of the biggest being: I can’t stand not being able to sew. There’s so much I want to do and make and my equipment is all around in boxes! I just hate it so much. On top of it, I just haven’t been feeling well lately so we’re trying to take things incredibly slow. Last night I went into the room for twenty minutes with Master Pravus to just do some very light unpacking. The room is in a state of disarray, which is why it doesn’t look put together in the mirror. Not yet, anyway. But it’s coming together.

While I was slowly moving things around I unpacked a small blue wall mirror. It’s never gone on any of my walls ever, and my Dad gave it to me when I was just a teen. He was so excited about his find. My Dad had a huge love of shopping (something I never shared- I hate shopping so much), and he wanted to show me this mirror so much when he got home.

“Look what I found for you!”

“What..? Why? Are you sure it’s for me?”

“You love faeries!”

“But, it’s nothing like my room or anything I own..! What will I do with it?”

“You’ll save it. It’s perfect for you. One day you will want it!”

My Dad just had this sort of way about him that made you agree with him even if you didn’t agree with him. I didn’t want that mirror at all, but I kept it with me. I dragged it around with me through- I don’t know how many moves? How many? And I never once, not a single time in my life did I hang it on the wall.

“It matches nothing I own.”

And then tonight, I was unpacking some things lightly and there it was. That unassuming blue mirror. My Dad has been gone for a few years now, and the mirror has been packed for a while too. I forgot about it entirely. I picked it up and by some miracle it was still intact. I was struck by how we were in my “forever” home and literally it matched the walls in my Mewtique! Dad was right! He somehow was right.. After all these years. This weird little mirror was destined for this room.

“Master! Can.. Can we hang this in here tomorrow?” (I knew it was almost time for my tubbie, but I also didn’t want to not have a plan. I was stressed. I had to hang it up. I explained where it was from, how I didn’t want it- how it matched in here…)

“I’m going to hang it up now. There’s time. And we can be late if there isn’t.”

I started crying because I’m an emotional emu and I can never keep my tears inside my brain where they belong.

“We’ll sweep up, it’ll be fine. I’ll get the stud finder.”

“I. Thank you, Master.”

And that’s how a mirror I stubbornly wanted to refuse as a present from my Dad as a teen wound up becoming the perfect reminder of his thoughtfulness as I was grieving for him. Now if only I could get the rest of the house set up as easily as Master Pravus is willing to help me hang a silly old present from my Dad.


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