My last “real” blog had me pretty friggin’ frustrated. I don’t know how to cope when I’m suddenly too sick to do anything and there’s no idea of how long it will be. I guess when it’s a “planned” illness like a scheduled surgery: I hate it, but at least I know what to expect. But, when it’s something like the last post where I just can’t figure out what I’m doing or what’s going on or how long it’ll be I guess I can get really distressed. I hate it so much and I haven’t managed to figure out a good way to go about fixing it yet.

First I had that terrible feeding tube exchange.

Then I had a kidney stone that took something like a solid ten days to pass. (But at least it didn’t need surgery thank you Flying Spaghetti Monster), but I still was out of commission for all that time!

Then the minute I decided I was going back to work, literally the day I decided I was going back to work, Master Pravus woke me up that morning to give me an antibiotic and guess what? My feeding tube got blocked! Blocked! I mean. That would have been okay on its own, I guess.. But all those things happening right in a row.. It was just too much for me and I couldn’t handle it. I spent that morning literally in tears and then I just stared at a wall. It was one of those “this is the straw that broke the Kitty’s back” sort of things and I just couldn’t deal with it. >.> It took me all morning to recover enough from it just to sit up and decide I was going to listen to music or something, and then.. (Ready?) It took me a solid six. SIX days to get the tube unblocked.

I mean, they usually like you to do it in one day, but if you give it enough time, it always unblocks so I never call the surgeon about it because the only other option for it is surgery (to replace the tube again), and I’m not about to have surgery to replace the tube again so soon after they just put it in. It was traumatic enough just having it done a couple of months ago. >.> So Master Pravus and me were really wrestling with the tube several times per day trying to get it to go, but to no avail! On the night that it finally worked, we hooked up the syringe and it just.. Ran? Was as smooth as the day I brought it home, and there was no pain or anything getting it unstuck? I can’t even begin to explain what a relief that was?? I mean!

So things are “normal” here. “My” normal. Haha. I’m getting ready so I can film all weekend like the little (xxx) pornographer I am. ::Kitty giggles:: I literally was running around like a fruit bat completely overexcited about being able to move around and do stuff again all last night. I mean, to be down from a fever, or to be sick with something like a kidney stone- that’s rotten. Right. But when it’s a blocked feeding tube? That’s just insulting. >.<

Oh, and apparently I was so exhausted this weekend that I slept through a giant tree branch falling onto the studio roof and SHAKING the entire house! Like, SHAKING it! Master Pravus and Dongalor jumped up out of bed panicked and trying to figure out what shook the house and I was completely asleep and didn’t stir an inch. And to give you some idea: I am the lightest sleeper. The sound of a strong wind will usually wake me but I could jump on Master Pravus’ belly and yammer about it being time for “Tummy time” and he’ll just roll over until his alarm clock goes off. So this had to be some kind of noise, and I had to be some kind of exhausted. I’m still laughing over it now.

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