A Little Too Far

Humiliation is something I’ve loved for as far back as I can recall in my kink journey. Sometimes I don’t even like what’s being said so much necessarily, and by that I mean- it isn’t the taste of the humiliation itself, but I definitely feel humiliated.. And yet. My body is totally getting turned on. I’m getting wet. It’s. I mean. You know. My body doesn’t listen to anything I care about. I can tell it I love kisses, but Master Pravus could tell me I’m a slut and I’ll cream my panties for him. It’s just the way of things. Puss is a dumb bitch that doesn’t listen to reason. But I do really like me my kissies too, I mean.

Anyway the thing about humiliation is that, you know. There’s a fine line between what makes the dumb bitch drool out her grool for you and what dries everything up down there and shoots tears out of the non-sexy variety. It’s not always an easy calculation as a Dom or Sadist either I would think. I mean, when you get a sense of play with a person after a while you get an idea of what is or isn’t okay to say I think. And the entire time Master Pravus and me have been together he’s only gone in a direction that genuinely hurt me one other time. But today is time number two.

I had just finished a photoshoot for my (xxx) VIPs. The shoot involved a onesie, which looked similar in style to this one, but it’s not actually something I can get undone on my own. I need Master Pravus’ help to undo the snaps. It’s one of the things he likes about it so much because it means he has more control over me when I wear them. I can’t even use a toilet or check my feeding tube or anything without help. Anyway, for this photoshoot I had also worn a pair of pantyhose, but no panties.

Master Pravus undid my onesie and I started to take off my pantyhose which had a reinforced cotton crotch. I had actually soaked not only through that part of the pantyhose, but also through the onesie and the buttons were soaking wet too. I mean, super wet. I’m a squirter and I can gush (and I feel it all day long) if I’m horny, and literally I knew when I took off the outfit it was going to be a problem. I mean. I’m taking erotic pictures. They’re not supposed to be.. Y’know. Dry?

Anyway. Master Pravus sees the soaked clothes and he said something about it. But he followed up his humiliating comment with “I should put one of these diapers on you…” And immediately he knew he had crossed the line for about a million reasons. One of them being I only wear those when my feeding tube leaks out of control, and I hate it soo much, but the literal thought that my wet cunt could be so. Wet that I’d need a diaper for it. Instantly cringe for me. And I was an unhappy camper. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t have to because the look on my face was pretty miserable enough. Sometimes you accidentally cross a line. There’s the line. Another person would have been driven wild by the thought of needing to be diapered for their juices. But I just. It didn’t work for me. Nope. 🙁

So after some minor talk-through from Master Pravus, who could tell I was somewhat ill at ease I was okay. But since I hadn’t taken my makeup off yet, I gave him three cherry red lipstick kisses all over his face. One I left on each cheek and one I left on the top of his head. He forgot all about these when he ran out the door on an errand later. So I guess his comment over my cyprine worked out for both of us in the end because revenge was had. (I hadn’t actually meant to get “revenge.”

I thought he would wash it off while I washed my makeup off Dear Reader. Actually, as I gave him the kisses, he said he knew I would do that.. And he blushed. So I don’t think he hated it. Although when he got home from the errand and realized.. Ohhh yes he did blush! Ohh noo. ::Giggles::

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